Privacy Policy and Disclosure For Kiwi In Saudi

Privacy - The Short Version...

I hate spam..detest it...blah!!  If you subscribe to the Kiwi In Saudi RSS Feed, or contact me via email, I will not spam you or sell your email address to anyone else. You can always unsubscribe from my feed any time you choose.

Privacy - The Long Version…
Privacy Policy for, a.k.a Kiwi In Saudi.
The privacy of visitors to is important to me and I recognize that the privacy of your personal information is important to you.  Kiwi In Saudi has never, and will never, rent, sell lease or give away your personal information to third parties - ever!


Third parties who advertise on Kiwi In Saudi, (such as Google through their Google Adsense program or Amazon through their Amazon program), may use cookies to collect information in the course of serving ads to you. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you don't want them snooping around your web surfing uniqueness.  

Kiwi in Saudi does not provide any personal information to third party advertisers.


This website does not collect any personally identifying information from or about our RSS subscribers. This website’s feed services collect the e-mail addresses of individuals that subscribe to our RSS feed via e-mail. Individual information about subscribers to this website’s feed is held in strict confidence; I will not release or disclose any specific subscriber information under any circumstances, unless required by law. (To be honest I wouldn't know where to look to find that information anyway!)

Comments And Email Queries

Comments submitted to this website are the responsibility of the commentor. I reserve the right to remove or edit comments at my discretion.  Site URLs (if provided) are published along with comments.  E-mail addresses are required with the submission of comments but are not disclosed, unless the commentor deliberately does so him/herself by entering the e-mail address in the main comment box in addition to the box clearly labeled for the e-mail address.
Kiwi In Saudi reserves the right to delete any comments that it deems not beneficial to the readership. This includes but is not limited to comments containing profanity, self promotion, harrassment, threats, or spam of any sort.
Email addresses submitted to this website via queries on our contact form are not disclosed to anybody, for any reason and will not be unless required by law.

External Links
The web site contains links to other websites not owned by the owner of this website. I cannot control how your personal information is used on these other websites. Consult the privacy policies of the linked websites to see how they use your information.

Privacy Contact Information
If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our Privacy Policy you may Contact Kiwi.

I reserve the right to make changes to this policy. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy whenever you visit the site to make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.
As required by various bodies out there in the big round world, this is to inform that if you click a link in a post in Kiwi In Saudi, I may get paid a commission.

Ka Kite,

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