Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunset Rush

Late yesterday afternoon I was winding my way home on foot, crossing roads through bumper to bumper traffic and trigger finger horn tooters when I looked up and saw the sunset.

It painted the clouds in a beautiful range of pinks and greys.  I thought what a stunning photograph this sky would make as it backdropped against the man made metal street lamps, hectic vehicles and people rushing with their hands full of grocery bags recently filled at the nearby supermarket. 

So taken was I with the sunset that I sat down to pull out my Nikon and capture the moment, but by the time I had my camera in my hands the sky had already changed, the bright pinks deepening, the greys beginning to turn black and yellow was starting to filter through the clouds. Two things occurred to me as I contemplated whether I should still try to capture this sky - how quickly the sunset can change and how long it has been since I have watched the sun set. 

So, in that busy street in the center of Riyadh with its hustle and bustle I set aside my camera and watched the sky.  

At that moment the call to Salah hummed its way through the air and men headed from their busy walking path toward the nearby mosque.  I couldn't help but wonder how many would take the time to watch the miracle and beauty of a changing sky before arriving for their prayer.  If they are looking for a greater power, they might find her there.

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