Thursday, 4 September 2014

Return to Riyadh

I'm back in Riyadh and by crickets its hot!  People ask me if I'm glad to be back and, honestly, I haven't decided yet.  It's nice to be back in my own bed.  And to see the Hubster again (I better add that - not because he reads my blog, but because a couple of his mates do!) Someone made the comment that two months is a fairly decent block of time to be out of Saudi - but that Someone doesn't live in Saudi, he was just visiting. And he's a him!

Most of the ladies I know base how glad they are to return to Saudi on when the next trip out of the country is (even some Saudi ladies!).  And for most of us, that would be Eid al Adha in early October.  I would be lying if I said Hubster and I aren't planning another little trip away at that time.  Because we are.  And yes, we are looking forward to it.  Not just because we get to see another part of the world but also for the little things we get to appreciate.  Like for me not having to wear an abaya.  Like for me being able to bike ride in peace.  Like for being able to have a nice glass of red with dinner.  Like being able to go dancing.  Like being able to attend chamber music recitals or enjoying street entertainers.  Like going to a big screen movie theater.  Like for me being able to rent a car and drive.

Yes, we spend a fortune getting out of here so we can enjoy a few of the simple pleasures life has to offer.  (We could have wine with our dinner in Saudi but that would require paying black market prices for a bottle and then practically having it in secret in case someone on the compound objects to us having contraband in our possession - and yes there are people like that on compounds. - and where is the pleasure in all of that nonsense?)

So, I have returned to Riyadh.
And because I am so used to the place now and it's quirky going's on and because I'm back in my own apartment with all my acquired knick knacks and treasures, and because I will be catching up with my friends as they make their trek back into the country, it does feel like coming home.  Though when one is truly home, one doesn't keep planning to leave it all the time, does one?

Ka Kite,

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  1. Hi Ya, It always puts a smile in my dial when I read your blogs. Love to you and Hubster aka Glen. Cheers Jude


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