Friday, 12 September 2014

FW: You'll never see these ads again.

I was deleting a few messages out of my rather full email inbox and came across this one forwarded by a friend.  I cannot believe what advertisers used to say, or that consumers bought stuff based on these ads!

Chubbies!  Seriously!  This must be the 'tell it like it is' advertising strategy.

What happened to the days when 'gay' meant 'joyful, carefree, and full of mirth'.  This article on Today I Found Out (because, let's face it, today while writing this post I did find it out) casts some light on how the meaning of the word 'gay' has changed.

I already take vitamins.  Maybe I should try some housework!

Actually, I'd find a .22 more useful.

Uh huh!

Hoover is actually a good brand, and I met a lady who loves her upright cordless vacuum cleaner.  But I doubt she was this excited when she picked it up from the shop.

Oh, bring these back!

The crying strategy....OK, so once or twice I tried that - but not for a frikken toaster!

OMG! Blow that crap in my face and I just might slap you!

Everyone knows television is great for baby sitting the kids!

I wish they had beer in a can in Saudi!


I bought a maids outfits once...for a saucy night in the boudoir...about 25 years ago when I looked halfway decent in one!

The further through these ads I get the harder it is not to get depressed!

Did they seriously used to sell sanitized tapeworms!  OMG!  Did they work?

I was going to say advertising has changed a lot...but I'm not sure it has. Though you might never see these ads again advertisers are still trying to get in the face of the consumer.   Perhaps they should re-run one of these for shock impact!

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