Thursday, 19 June 2014

Welcome to Saudi

A long while back (April 2012, to be precise), I posted a blog called 'Welcome to Riyadh Airport'.  One thing I mentioned was the lack of welcoming signs at Riyadh airport.

Well, things have changed, just a little.  There are now big screens above the baggage scanners in arrivals, declaring in a number of languages, a welcome to Riyadh.  And this morning on my way out I saw this...

Saudi is changing.  Who knows, maybe next month women will be driving!

Yours in moblogging joy



  1. The shopping has gotten better there too and they have a big flat screen tv in the passport control area that was showing tom and jerry cartoons when I was there at the end of august! Though the guards still yell at me when I try to get into the shortest lines :)

    1. When I came back this time there was a young man directing us with a smile to the appropriate line. If they also had an interpreter for those from South East Asian locations who speak neither English or Arabic that would be very helpful for a lot of new arrivals.


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