Thursday, 8 May 2014

Expat Men Should Know Better

Expat men should know better.

That's the conclusion my friend and I reached one day.  But then we forget expat men are only men.   Those basic animal instincts pulse more strongly through a mans veins than a woman's.  At least, that's what they tell you over here.   You know the animal instincts I'm talking about that native men in this country can't possibly control with conscious thought, hence the reason we women have to look like unattractive baggage.

Yes, I'm talking Lust.

My friend told me about a visit she made to another compound to visit a male friend she and her husband know.  As with many compounds in Saudi, especially over holidays when the wives and kids have traveled to home countries for a dose of 'normal life', the tenants were mostly men.  So she met a few of Mr Guy's mates.  It annoyed the heck out of her that she was fawned over and practically pawed at every opportunity.

She had to tell the blokes to back off.
"I'm married.  I have a child.  Keep your hands to yourself".
And if anyone starts on the 'What does she expect visiting a man at a compound full of men, she must be asking for it" - go drown yourself!

It is annoying enough that Arab men are all over expat women without invitation just because they think we are anybody's property.  It is ultra-annoying when we cannot trust expat men to be a lot more civilized when a women walks through the door - and I don't care how long it's been since you fellas got your rocks off with the real thing or how sick you are of Mrs Palmer and her five attendants!

Expat men, especially western expat men, should know better, plain and simple. That's what we've decided.

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