Saturday, 1 February 2014

38 Again

Tomorrow, I might be 38 - again.
I've been bouncing between 36 and 38 for the last couple of years, and no, I'm not talking bra size.
Do you remember the day the Spice Girls met Nelson Mandela and Ginger told him 'You're as young as the girl you feel'?  Well, every year on my birthday (which is tomorrow in case you've woken up a bit slow this morning) how young I feel on waking determines how old I intend to be that year.

Today I feel 38, but who knows...if I have an awesome day today and an excellent sleep tonight, waking up with more of a bounce in my step than a cramp in my calf, I might feel 36 again.  Feeling 26 would be awesome, but I've seen more of the world of late which has caused me to grow up a little too much to go back there again, and really, the current lack of collagen under the skin makes believing that a bit of a stretch even for me when someone asks 'So, how many years is that now?' if anyone rude enough to ask is actually going to get the truth!

Hubster thinks my maturity levels could still do with more growth, but he's been collecting Grumpy Old Man tickets recently (I sense he's feeling his age - if he adopted my methods I'm fairly certain he'd feel much younger!) and I admit to entertaining myself razzing any of his silly 'Grow Up' suggestions and scowly looks. (Very mature of me!).

Given that kitchen duty at our place belongs to moi, my guess is we'll be heading out for dinner tomorrow evening, probably to our local favourite Chinese place, and order something Tepanyaki to get the Yummy Yummy experience in lieu of a 'Happy Birthday' song.  (At Gate of Jazeera you get Yummy Yummy with any Tepanyaki order, unless it arrives during salah when drumming spoons and shouting 'Yummy Yummy' would not be appropriate).

A couple of years ago singing the 'Happy Birthday' song in restaurants got banned in Saudi by the Fun Police.  The creative types in the country came up with alternatives to the actual song, so now in some establishments you can get a Happy Birthday clap rhythm with associated rap lyrics - something along the lines of
'[clap, clappity, clap, clap clap]
Happy Happy Birthday
[clap, clap, clap. Clap, clappity, clap, clap, clap]
Have a Happy Birthday
[clap, clap, clap],
 Happy Happy Birthday
 [clap, clap, clap],
Happy Happy Birthday [pause] to you'. 
 (Obviously the creative types aren't into original lyrics).

Those new to Saudi who don't realize that celebrating birthdays by singing little ditties is frowned upon are slightly baffled at the rap version of Happy Birthday that accompanies their birthday cake as its carried ceremoniously through diners, with candles ablaze, and placed in front of the surprised and blushing recipient.

Never having been a fan of the rap genre, there is something missing from all the clapping and chanting - oh yes, melody!   And we outgoing types who usually like to join in such festive musical interludes, because its great sharing other peoples joy, happiness and positive vibes, find contributing to the clappity adaptation a little difficult because each location tends to serve up its own rap version.  Anyway, in lieu of the singing Happy Birthday experience or the rappity clappity, I'll settle for Yummy Yummy and marvel at the fact I'm still in Saudi when, once again, I turn 38 - or thereabouts.

Ka Kite,

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