Friday, 20 December 2013

Walking the line in Saudi.

Do you like Johnny Cash and his song 'I Walk the Line'.  Or the movie tribute of the same name.  Hubster really enjoyed that movie.  He's a Johnny Cash fan.   The reason I ask is that, sometimes I feel like I'm walking the line in Saudi.  I have to keep a close watch on the things I say on this blog.

Sometimes I'll write a post and pass it by the censor board, (Hubster), who tells me, 'You can't say that!'  It's annoying because, though this blog is supposed to be about our life here, about expat life here, about the things we see and do, there is stuff you'll never know, because while we live here, I can't tell you for risk of being told to leave.  (I joked with a friend who got Told To Leave, and was feeling somewhat embarrassed, that she shouldn't feel bad.  Loads of people have been sacked from Saudi, so many in fact that I'm surprised there's not a T-shirt on the topic - Sacked From Saudi, Told To Leave Saudi, Marching Orders From Saudi, I Moved To Saudi And Didn't Survive....that kind of thing).

Anyway, Hubster doesn't want to leave yet and I actually (usually) quite enjoy the place, only occasionally having 'Get Me Out Of Here', hissy fits.

Unfortunately though, I can't give you all the quirky insights or repeat all the things I see and hear that would make for truly entertaining reading.  There are places I go, things I do that and tidbits I hear that, unless you are part of the close group I hang out with, you'll never read about because I'm not married to a Saudi who is going to save my rear end when I blow the lid!  I'm married to a bloke who loves his job and wants to stay a few years longer.

So, while I'm walking the line, I suggest you read between them.  There's a lot of interesting shyte happens in there!

Ka Kite,

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