Saturday, 16 November 2013


I love my email.  It's been with me since the internet exploded on the human race.  I've worked hard to keep it safe from fruit cakes, fruit loops and scurvy internet predators who love to send all sorts of nastiness and Spammy, virus ridden messages to my email address in the hope that I'm an idiot and will open them!  (OK, so, in the early days, once or twice, I might have been an idiot - but I wised up real fast!)

In fact, for a long while, me and my email were cruising along quite nicely with unsolicited advertising of the seedy, saucy, begging and otherwise unasked for kind, kept to a minimum.  It has probably helped immensely that most companies the world over, even the little ones, have learnt the value of protecting consumer info instead of palming it off, for a fee, to third party rabble.

Yes, all was going fine with my email down in Kiwiland.  And then I moved to the Middle East.

It seems that companies over here are happy to sell out my information in a heartbeat.  And that sucks.

On arrival in KSA it did cross my mind, for a fleeting moment, that perhaps I ought to be xtra wary (as usually I'm always wary) who I hand my email to in this region.  But I shrugged the thought off presuming, wrongfully so, (obviously), that companies world wide were hip when it came to protecting client information.  The assumption I was dealing with companies with integrity was a bit naive too, I guess.  Integrity in business isn't really a catch phrase in this part of the world is it?

Now, when I open my junk mail to check for valid messages that I haven't yet identified as worthy of freely accessing my emails inner sanctum of safety, I can't believe how much crap is in there!  It's like being back in the 90's!  And it's starting to turn dirty. Disgusting scumbags!  Getting Horizontal For Free - my adaptation on their words, so you can guess what they were saying - is what I married my husband for, not what I expect to find advertised in my email!  (My email has been so clean for so long that I actually forgot how dirty spam can get.)

Over the years I've kept, and dumped, a number of temporary email addresses, purely used to sign up for things I'm interested in and might like to receive more information about.  If they are an honorable business, the address won't get spammed and I can, eventually, if I feel the urge, change my sign up details to my proper addy.  If they aren't, well, it's easy to see.  So I dump the address, and the company, and go find the interesting information someplace else.  I'm having to do that again, here in Saudi, as protection of my information from third, fourth and probably fifth parties has proven to be somewhat lax.  Oh the lengths one must go to, to get Spam off the radar and feel safe online.  I thought all that was behind me, but no.  Here we go again!

Ka Kite,

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