Saturday, 17 August 2013

Little Green Men At Riyadh Airport.

Ok, so tonight I take back anything I may have said about Little Green Men. Tonight I'm at the Riyadh airport and being the first day of Eid, it's bedlam!

The Little Green Men now have a lemony yellow uniform and the price of their service (10SAR) is embroidered on their shirt front. Though don't rely on it. The guy who approached us asked for 50 SAR. Hubster waved him away.

As we inched toward the scanner and viewed the queues squished beyond it in front of the check-in counters another Green Man came by and said 20 Riyal to carry our bag to the Emirates counter. Hubster, surprisingly, said Ok.

And so it was that the little green man in the yellow shirt hoisted our single suitcase off the rack after it had been scanned and held it aloft, over his head, while fighting a track through the crowded, hectic, snaking queues to the shorter, though still busy business class line with us following single file behind. (We don't actually fly business class but we are Silver Skywards members which means we get to stand in the business class queue).

Without him we would have wondered where the business class check-in counter was located - signage isn't obvious. And we would have had to fight our suitcase through people and baggage already hoha, (kiwi word for annoyed), with the wait and not looking too friendly at anyone attempting to cross through their long held spot in the queue, because holding our luggage over our heads isn't something we've ever done before and I would hazard a guess that we aren't very good at it being aging, unfit and not blessed with tall genes!

While waiting patiently in our queue we marveled at how Riyadh airport is always chaos at busy times yet it seems to work.  Sure, it could be better and we are all looking forward to the Riyadh airport upgrade. I wonder if they will still employ Little Green Men.

Written on Kiwi's iPhone while waiting for our plane, though sent some days later as data roaming hadn't kicked in!

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