Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cute Mammals And Tiger Skins

A new, and cute, mammal species has been discovered by scientists in the Andes.  The olinguito is a cross between a cat and a teddy bear, which does sound kinda cute.   You can read more about its discovery on NBC News "Cutest new animal' discovered: It's an olinguito!"

It's nice to know we can still discover things on this planet.  Lets just hope the newly discovered critter survives.  The Andes has issues with illegal poaching.  A new critter is likely to make the human nutcases out there think 'I want me one of those!'

Which reminds me of a trip to Deira Souq one day.  A group of we women decided to go for a spot of shopping and while perusing a tucked away shop that sold antiques we came across a tiger skin hanging up in a wrinkled plastic dry cleaners bag.  'Is it real?', one of the ladies asked.  Yes of course, said the bloke in situ and took the skin out of the bag for her to take a look.  It was real.

It wasn't a professionally tanned hide.  In fact, it reminded me of the possum skin jacket that Hubster made for himself when he was a youngster. (In NZ possums are pests and new ways are constantly devised for getting rid of them.  Visit Ms Possum to see how she designs possum pelts).

My two friends and I walked away from the tiger skin.  Something to do with 'Where did it come from?' and 'Illegal hunting'  came up in our conversation.  But one woman in our group loved the tiger skin.  And although we looked on disapprovingly she said, 'It's already dead, so it doesn't matter'.
Yes, but if you buy that, then another one will die, won't it.
But my husband will love it.  And it's already dead.
We walked further away.
Here's hoping she and her husband don't hear about this cute new mammal discovery else it may be in serious jeopardy!

Ka Kite,

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