Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mr Finland

Mr Finland.
He has been part of our lives for over three years.
His love of sight seeing in Saudi was sparked by a couple of Kiwi expats who lived downstairs and who, taking advantage of his boredom on Saudi weekends, often easily talked him into driving miles into the desert to suss out Saudi sites of interest.

By the time he left he was a lover of things Lebonese (especially big watches), quality cigars, El Chico's Mexican diner and an appreciator of E-kyptions, (No amount of effort got him to change that pronunciation).  Mr Finland will be sadly missed by Hubster and I.  And maybe Florian and Abdullah.  And possibly Sweet Cheeks.

Mr Finland has gone to back to rule his Kingdom on Suomenlinna, well has much of it as his wife will let him anyway.  Here's a few pics of our life and times with Mr Finland.

The Al Kharj Trip

The Sneaking Into Dilapidated Mud Village Behind the Police Station

The Wadi Picnic

Our Dirab Golf Excursions

Fabulous Hospitality in Mr Finland's Homeland Trip.

Trips To Random Places Within Riyadh where posing came naturally.

Numerous trips to the Harley Davidson Shop on the Northern Ring Road

The Pools of Sha'Hib Luha Trip

The Quad Biking In The Red Sands

The Trip To Find The Camel Trail

The Search for The Secondhand Motorbike Souq

Numerous walks down Tahalia St, usually to El Chico's.

The Trip to Ushaiger Village

The Trip to See Rock Art

And the numerous motorbike rides.

Mr Finland has left behind him a coffee shop that isn't the same now he's not in the prime realty spot, a number of Swedish shirts the maintenance guys are wearing around the compound, residents who have more food now Mr Finland (a.k.a the Stray Cat) no longer turns up at dinner time and a mixed nationality group of expats who can almost sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Finnish.

We will miss you Mr Finland.
Enjoy your time at home until your next big move.

Ka Kite,

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