Friday, 26 July 2013

Photographs of Saudi Arabia

What should I do with the hundreds of photographs of Saudi Arabia that I have on my computer?

There are so many things we have seen and done and so many snapshots that have been taken on my point and shoot Canon camera with the intention of publishing it all on my Kiwi In Saudi blog - well, the best shots anyway which, given my complete amateur photographic skills, wouldn't win any prizes.

There's our trips to RawDhat Khuraim and the qahwah shared with the local people we've met as they picnic next to pools left by rainy days.  There's the Quad Biking with friends, the Bar-B-Q and dancing in the desert with Mr Noor and his fellow taxi drivers, the desert camping with Saudi whanau, the numerous photo's of food, sunsets at the camel trail, Saudi national day pictures, motorbike rides into the yonder, Safari Resort visits, following hand drawn maps to find motorcycle parts hidden in back alleys and so much more.

All of these were taken with the intention of showing people where and how we spend our time in this intriguing desert city.  If I was organised I'd update my blog as soon as I get home from an outing with my camera. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with a highly disciplined gene.  I got the 'she'll be right, lets leave that till another day' chromosomes.

I admit I started a site called 'Snapshots of Saudi', but it fell by the wayside because the photo's took ages to load, which drove me nuts, plus one Saudi blog is enough at this point and quite frankly, I'm lazy.  Then someone suggested Flickr.  So I started a Kiwi In Saudi Flickr site but I don't get to it as often as I imagined I would.  Plus load times are slow on that as well and I don't have time for SLOW on the internet.  Slow internet creates a feral animal that throws her head back and clenches her hands into witchy claws while making guttural, growly noises.  I know you know what I mean!

Anyway, when I do get back to the computer and scroll through the myriad of pictures currently taking up space on my laptop and I feel slightly overwhelmed and am left wondering, What the heck shall I do with all the photographs of our life in Saudi Arabia?

Ka Kite,

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