Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pools of Sha'Hib Luha

One fairly warm Saudi summer afternoon, we headed off into the the Riyadh outback to look for the Pools of Sha'Hib LuHa.

Of all the locations we've gone searching for to date, this was actually the easiest to find, largely because it's highlighted on Google Maps.  Utilising the Map App on my iPhone took us straight there - sort of.  There is a little bit of off-roading to do, though not much, and the Yukon dealt with the only man-made obstacle we came across - someone had graded the desert sands into a wall.  Fortunately, someone else had made a track over the wall and we figured where one has gone before others in Yukons can follow.

So it was we found the Pools of Sha'Hib LuHa.
And because we've been in the desert far too long, we made a video of the experience.  Here it is.  (If you expect Oscar winning material, perhaps you've been in the desert too long, too).  Be warned, if you don't like the sight of shirtless blokes it might be best not to watch this vid.  (Don't say you haven't been advised.)

Location of Pools of Sha'Hib Luha.

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Ka Kite,

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