Friday, 14 June 2013

Novice Golfers at Dirab Golf Club and Range.

One day, Mr Finland suggested we go to Dirab Golf Course to try out the golf range for something to do one gorgeous Riyadh morning.  He admitted he was a novice golfer and the reason for his suggestion was an upcoming visit by his father, an avid golfer, and his wanting to get a bit of practice in before his arrival.  We, being supportive friends and neighbors, thought it was a choice idea.

After discussing the logistics of finding golf clubs to play with, as none of us are golfers so required equipment is non-existent in our apartments, we hired a car and headed in the direction of the golf club in Dirab certain we could hire clubs on arrival.

None of us knew exactly where the golf club was and in 2011, the year of our first golfing expedition, Google Maps wasn't quite up to par with local Saudi hangouts.  However, as Dirab is a smallish place, we figured it would't be hard to find the huge sign saying 'Dirab Golf Course', after all, golf clubs have huge signs don't they?  Lots of driving up and down the Dirab straight would have been avoided if said sign was above the gate and not biffed behind a fence.

On the other hand, if we'd been paying attention we may have noticed the writing above the gate, but we were looking for a sign, weren't we!

Once the hiding sign was noted after yet another swing down the straight past camels, goats, truck stops, the satellite station...

...and the people who had given us directions to the golf club on a previous wander down the road and were probably wondering why we weren't following them, we were admitted through the gate.

The golf range was easy to find, as was the shop to hire a few clubs.  Then we got down to business as badly as non-golfers can.  Here's a video of Mr Finland and his very first swing with a golf club.

We enjoyed our golf and, as I'd brought a picnic, sat at one of the picnic tables and raved about what fabulous non-golfers we are.  As hiring a couple of clubs was fairly simple, we decided that, every so often,  riding the bikes out to Dirab and having a bash at the golf range wouldn't be such a bad idea.  So, every now and then, we did.

Here's another vid, eight months later.  Note Mr Finland's improvement.

Apparently it is possible to go horse riding at the Dirab Golf Club, though rumour has it that most of the troupe of hearty adventurers I hang out with are even worse on a horse than a golf range - getting Hubster and Mr Finland to step outside that comfort zone is going to take a bit more time.

Having never played a round at the Dirab Golf Club I can't comment on the state of the course.  (We novice golfer types feel the range is better for our level of expertise at the moment).  You expert blokes can find information pertinent to yourselves on the Dirab Golf Club website or contact them as per details below.
  • Telephone Number: (966)1-812 6671
  • Mobile: (966)535001896
  • E-mail Address:

Map to Dirab Golf and Country Club.

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