Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wild Isodora

I found this while surfing the net.
Love it.  A little internet research was needed to find out who wild Isadora Duncan was.

Isadora Duncan was a dancer born in the US in 1877 but, from the age of 22, lived in Western Europe and the Soviet Union til her death, aged 50, when her scarf apparently got caught  in her car's rear wheel and strangled her.   

Her life was considered 'scandalous' probably owing to the married lovers she had and the children she bore from those liaisons.  Given that all her children died very young, I would say her life was more tragic than disreputable. 

She learned ballet at a young age but, at some point, decided to break out and create her own interpretive style with more natural movements, earning credit as the creator of modern dance.  

If you're interested, this YouTube vid is apparently the only film that exists of Isadora dancing and there is a 1969 movie starring Vanessa Redgrave, called simply Isadora - here is a clip from the movie 

Isodora Duncan voiced a number of quotable quotes and you can find a list of those here.  The actual phrase related to this post is 'You were once wild here, don't let them tame you', however the folks who put this pic together obviously took a little poetic licence and made amendments.  I do love the pic they chose though and have stored it on my computer as Wild Isadora.

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