Friday, 31 May 2013

Wedding Anniversary

It's our wedding anniversary today.  32 years.  Not a bad innings.

Of course, I didn't remember it was our wedding anniversary.  Hubster had to remind me, as he does every year.  I remember one year in Melbourne walking to the train station to meet him after work, and there he was striding down the road with a big bunch of flowers.  'Did you hock those from work', I said.  He gave me a look, you know one of those 'you've just insulted me' looks and handed over the bunch with 'Happy Anniversary'.  My follow up comment showed how truly thick I am.  'What anniversary?'

Sometimes, I don't know why he bothers with me.

Today he was busy making a shelf in our laundry and happened to mention it was our wedding anniversary.  I was on the couch playing '4 pics 1 word', and looked up.
'Is it?'  I said.
'What should we do?'
His reply.  'Seeing as you can't even remember the occasion I don't see why we should do anything!'

I gave him a look.  He gave me a look back.
I chuckled.  He shook his head and disappeared into the laundry to drill a couple more holes.

Perhaps we'll go to compound coffee shop for a cuppa later.  Given that on our previous anniversaries we've popped down to McDonalds for a burger and fries, a cuppa at the cafe is about on par for our wedding anniversary celebrations.  Except for the time we went to the Ritz Carlton here in Riyadh - now that was a major exception, obviously not about to be repeated today.

Ka Kite,

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