Sunday, 5 May 2013

Water In Lake Kharara Brings Out Sightseers

This weekend, we went back to Lake Kharara.  We were actually searching for a waterfall but, as we were in the vicinity, decided to return to 'The Disappearing Lake' to see how much the recent deluge of rain in Saudi had affected it.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a large body of water where, two years previous, there had been a rather dry bed.  And Saudi's galore had come out in force to enjoy the lake.  Water seems to make Saudi's go a little bit crazy.  But, living in desert, who can blame them.

It was fairly early in the afternoon and there were only a few early risers setting up picnic spots as close to the water as they could get, or guiding their vehicles with typical Saudi abandon around the lake's edge.  We decided to head for the far end, just to see what was out there.

We followed the track around the base of the lake.  The further we went, the more the lake turned to a silvery, sludgy puddle with mud caked around the tangled branches of the shrubbery trying to keep their green heads above the mess at their matted base.

Obviously there had been a lot of water flowing through here a couple of days ago but, now the raining had stopped, the water was disappearing fairly quickly.  Though the lake was looking brown and muddy at this point, the rains had cleared the dust out of the air making the colors of the steep red sands cradling it seem so much sharper.

Giving up on reaching the end of the lake, we decided instead to check out the view from the top of the red dunes.  Since our last visit a track had been laid making it easier to drive to a higher vantage point, once you got through the initial sandy bog that is.  A guy in a car thought he'd try his luck at running the hill to the start of the track and failed.  Not that it mattered.  There were plenty of people around to tow him back out.

Once at the top we followed the dirt track to its end, then Hubster felt the urge to test out the Toyota Landcruiser we had hired for the weekend on the steep, water soaked sands, doing a U-turn he said.  Yeah right!

I pointed out a ute that had bellied on a ridge in an effort to get the man/child to quit what I deemed dangerous driving behaviour.  It was pointless.  He had to have his fun.   Hanging on was called for.  Holding my breath was automatic, though an occasional  squeaky 'Sugar Plum Pie' escaped my lips.

By the time we decided to come down off the hillside, the vehicular population at Lake Kharara had exploded.  It's absolutely amazing how Saudi's love to get out and how much water seems to attract them.

This time we didn't stay to set up a picnic of our own to enjoy the madness we knew would ensue as more people arrived.  We had a waterfall to find, but we are glad we came back here to satisfy ourselves that, after a decent rain, Lake Kharara does in fact become a sizeable water feature.  On our way out, we passed a toy car set on its end.  We had to laugh.  It was fitting we thought, and wondered if it had been purposely placed

 Directions to Lake Kharara

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