Monday, 27 May 2013

Saudi Pulse And Women's Rights

The Arab News has a section called Saudi Pulse for local journalists to have their say.  One item in particular caught my attention the other day.  Saad Aldorasi wrote, 'Lets get to the root of the problem'.   He talks about Saudi  women’s rights, protection against domestic violence, abuse and sexual harassment and gives his take on where the problem comes from and how best to prevent it. 

The article didn't catch my attention for what he said.  What he said is glaringly obvious to anyone caring to look.  What did surprise me was that he said it.  Plane, frank, no beating around the bush.  That in itself shows the changes happening in Saudi.

It's heartening to see that media (and Arab News is considered as one that tows the government line) is allowing Saudi's to voice a good hard look at themselves while, at the same time. offering up possible solutions.

Enjoy the read from this weeks Arab News, Saudi Pulse.

Ka Kite,

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