Monday, 20 May 2013

Kerosene Fly Spray and Saudi

Have you noticed how fly spray in Saudi Arabia smells like kerosene.
Or is it just me?

The fly spray we have on our fridge, and that Hubster just sprayed on the midgies, mozzies and fruit flies spinning around our unit, absolutely reeks of the stuff.  And it doesn't work either!  All it does is leave a film of oil on the floor once it falls, fairly rapidly, out of the air and it's giving us both a petrol sniffing headache!

Sure, they can make cheap as chips petrol around here, but turning it into kero and sticking it in fly spray?

I have to say, we've rarely had the need for Fly Spray.  Most of the year our place is devoid of flying buggy things, and the compound sends a bloke round every few weeks to spray our drains for any insect type that might be habitating down there.  But, for the last few days the bugoids have decided to make a come back, and Hubster was not in a flying insect friendly mood.  He grabbed the can, and sprayed.

The stench of Saudi Fly Spray is quite thick in our flat 'cos when The Hubby sprays flies, he sprays thick - everywhere. The nozzle is practically tied down as he chases buggy varmints into every nook and cranny.

His method leaves splotches of Fly Spray crap all over our furniture and, when a more quality product is used, a thick bug killing mist hangs in the air for ages that I'm fairly certain is not good for human health. When he's in a fly spraying frenzy, it pays to cover everything and leave the house for a while!.

No matter how many times I tell him his method is somewhat overboard, he cannot be reasoned with. Till now. With his current headache, and standing amid the ocean of Saudi Fly Spray residue, he's admitting he may have got a bit carried away.

So affected was he by the spray that the can had to be marched to the bin, all the while being subjected to Hubster muttering under his breath things like, 'Hopeless' and 'Never again'.  And, to punctuate the Fly Spray's demise, it was biffed in the big green bin outside.  The kitchen bin simply wouldn't do!

Hubster's little quip, after dealing thoroughly with the offensive kerosene filled Fly Spray can, that we're sharing Saudi oil reserves cos' it's all over our floor, met with a steely gaze. We'll be heading out shortly in search of a more quality product.  I'm presuming one can be found.  It's time to wipe out a few bugs.

Ka Kite,

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