Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Yibreen Spa And Salon

Last month I went to Yibreen Spa and Salon.

It was my first visit and, I have to say, it's a nice place.
But nice.

A couple of friends have been members at Yibreen for a while and have often invited me along, assuring me I would love the place.  Last month I decided to see what all the buzz was about.

The entry to Yibreen is somewhat unassuming and, once through the gate, you have to wonder if you're in the wrong place.  Unlike other ladies spa's in Riyadh, Yibreen's set up is similar to a compound.  Everything you expect of a spa and salon is available, but the areas are housed in small villas nestled close to each other in a setting that felt surprisingly serene on a cool winter morning in the center of Riyadh.

Hair Salon
The first villa on the right is the reception and hair salon.  The reception, as well as catering to foot traffic for the hair salon, acts as a shop selling products from bed throws to skin care.  The hair salon itself, though small, was clean, light and airy.  I couldn't get over the fact that there was a fairly large window in the hair salon and, not only did it let in loads of light, but you could look out of it.  Most other salons I've been too follow a similar design to Saudi homes - small windows, minimal natural light, zero view.

Across from the hair salon, is a small villa for showering and changing out of your gym gear once you've sweated your way through exercises at the workout studio or gym.  The workout studio, which is next door in it's own building, offers numerous exercise programs and the times are posted at the door.  A quick look through the list showed Yoga, Body Pump and various other forms of aerobics all led by experienced instructors.

We met one of the instructors in the gym which is housed next door to the exercise studio and is decked out with a small spinning room, an area for weights and a zone full of treadmills, with TV's to prevent you from getting bored, looking out over the pool courtyard.  She gave us some advice on how to do weight lifting exercises properly (we were only using light lady weights, not huge body building dumb-bells) and she was well qualified and quite delightful, from Canada.  If I do decide to join this gym, I know I can expect to start looking toned and fabulous under her guidance.

The beauty villas for your facials, body wraps and so forth extend from the hair salon toward the swimming pool that was looking deep blue and inviting on a winters morning.  The pool is warmed during winter, so even on cold days you can go in for a dip, though my Canadian friend informs me in all the time she's been a member here, she has been the only one in the pool.

To top off our Yibreen experience we took a seat outside the on-site cafe and enjoyed a latte in peace and quiet next to the pool, watching water gently cascading down the sides of the wooden water feature standing as a quiet sentinel at the end of the path.  It is possible, at this spa, to lie back in sun loungers and get a natural sun tan as the place is located in a block of it's own in, what appears to be, a more upper class residential area devoid of any tall buildings with peeping eyes.

As I said, it's very nice.
But you have to pay it.
My friend got her annual membership at the gym for around 6000 SAR for 6 months, which is about average when compared to other ladies centers, but that was on special.  The non-special price is a couple of thousand Riyal more.  

As I got side-tracked by coffee beside the pool, I failed to ascertain the cost of spa treatments, so can't comment on what's available, though rumour has it that you're paying for quality at Yibreen.  For research purposes I just might book myself for a treatment in the future.  

Yibreen Spa and Salon is located at 42 Takhasussi St.  They open at 10am.  Take a virtual tour through their website at or phone Yibreen on  01 441 1115 for more information.

Ka Kite,

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