Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Saudi Women's Movement

I'm a spectator in Saudi, and that's as it should be.  Changes in Saudi should be at the direction of Saudi's themselves.  One of the things I'm really enjoying watching though, is the way Saudi women are on the move. And it's fabulous.

Women related happenings of note recently - First, women were appointed to the Shoura Council.  Then, earlier this month the first woman was registered by the Justice Ministry as a legal trainee allowed to practice law, and you can read about it in this post - Saudi First Female Lawyer Faces Huge Obstacles.

Earlier this week  Eman Fahad Al Nafjan, via her blog Saudi Women's Weblog, was letting everyone know about a Saudi Women and Inheritance Seminar.

And today Saudi's first ever domestic violence ad revealed.

Being a spectator watching Saudi women on the move is certainly exciting.

Ka Kite,

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