Friday, 12 April 2013

Saudi Is Evolving

Saudi is evolving, rapidly and surely.

Yep rapidly.  When you consider how long it took the west to evolve into western-ism, Saudi's rate of change is on steroids.  Every week I see something that makes me think, 'Wow!  We couldn't do that before'.  And they are not major, history making events either, but the little things that we in the west tend to take for granted as just everyday life.

Like, women sitting out in the open in malls drinking coffee at Mama Rotti's.  Like the male cashier at the supermarket actually saying 'Good Morning' when I rock up to the checkout and stating the price of my goods (in Arabic) instead of eye aversion and hand signalling toward the checkout screen in silence.  Like my female Saudi friends actively seeking employment.  Like a number of Saudi women I know getting secret driving lessons from their significant males in preparation for the day that everyone knows is coming.  Like the Arab News improving the quality of its writing.

Although those fighting change do some weird stuff in their efforts to remain unchanged, Saudi is still evolving rapidly.

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