Friday, 19 April 2013

Home For Surgery and A Wedding

We went back to New Zealand recently, for Hubster's surgery and our son's wedding.

Hubster headed home about 8 weeks ago.  His pipes needed reconnecting after his abdominal surgery last August.  That meant I had a few weeks on my own in Riyadh because I had work commitments.

A few of my married friends thought my staying here without the other half was a bad plan.  I think they had visions of me getting myself into all sorts of trouble.  My single lady friends knew, as I did, that everything would be fine.  Apart from the fact people looked at me differently as I wandered up Tahalia Street on my own in the evening, because dining in Tahalia St is one of the perks of living in this place and I like to participate often, my life in Riyadh continued as normal despite Hubster's absence.

I joined Hubster in NZ for three weeks.
Our son was getting married to his lady love of the last ten years.
It meant all the family were together.
What a great time we had.

We dressed up...

And played games with the kids.

We went for walks during the day...

 And dressed up again at night.

We took the kids to a farm to pat animals and collect eggs.

We went for a family picnic and swam in a fountain...

 Flew a kite...

And hired a tandem bike...

The Easter Bunny left an Easter Egg trail early one morning.

We had a six year old birthday with dinosaur decorated cake and watermelon ice-cream.

We played more games with the kids...

We travelled to Paeroa and took goony pictures around a world famous bottle.

We visited Hubster's elderly aunt..

And we went to the beach.

Mum had her birthday....

And Jas and Wiz got married....

An event filled trip home.

Now I'm back in Riyadh grateful for photographic memories.

Ka Kite,

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