Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pauls For Lunch

Enjoying a turkey and Brie sandwich at Pauls on the outdoor verandah.
Awaiting my coffee and planning to order sweets.

As per my first visit to Pauls on Tahalia soon after they opened, the only truly disappointing aspect of my meal this day was the salad. Old brown lettuce leaves make you frown and go 'mmnnnooooo' and the offending leaves are picked up gingerly and flicked aside while a careful search is undertaken of all food on the plate for any other faults. There weren't any. Sandwich was munched while Arabic was studied.

It was interesting to note that, come salah, we diners were not left to our own devices as all staff made a mass exit to sit around outside, a practice we have come to expect at dining places. Instead, a skeleton crew was left behind to clear dishes from our tables and cater to some of our whims.  Its little things like this that indicate the little ways that Saudi is changing.  Having wait staff on hand today made me realize how abandoned we had been in previous years.

Although I'd intended to order sweets the sandwich was filling enough so I decided to do my waistline a favor and go without.  The tasty treats lined up in the display case near the door would have to wait for some other day, and I made do with coffee while contemplating what a good job Pauls had done creating their outdoor area.

The  verandah at Pauls is quite pretty lined with various plants and, though the large white umbrellas hide diners of the tender gender from view, they are still rattled by an occasional breeze to remind us we are enjoying an outdoor experience.

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