Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Vapiano on Tahalia

Vapiano on Tahalia Street, right next to Localiser Mall, is an Italian diner.  The wooden staircase curving its way to the Vapiano dining area is an indication of the setting you'll meet once at the top - casual, relaxed, open, stylish

The blackboard above the kitchen with its chalkboard art and food related sayings and proverbs provides a bit of a talking point.  "Never eat more than you can lift" or 'The belly rules the mind".  I especially liked 'Don't let love interfere with your appetite".  All very relevant to how we approach food and this night, with Mr Finland paying, we were hungry.

Being a person who loves wood, I quite liked the whole set up with the wooden floor and, around the corner from the open eating area, little wooden dining corners with various plant settings - from fresh flowers to young saplings - adorning the centre of the tables.  The Italian marble included in the decor wasn't overstated and added a touch of class.  I do love Italian marble.

Hubster and Mr Finland were not the least bit interested in sitting under an indoor tree.  It didn't help that the plant looked like it could do with a bit of water and the coloured lights, though providing pretty highlights, were likely helping to dry the poor thing out.

Being Italian, Vapiano serves up, among other things, pizza and pasta.  On a shelf in the kitchen are a selection of pasta's available.  Apparently the pasta is made fresh, however, we decided to try a pizza and a few other delectable nibbles on bread.

It was all quite scrumptious and fresh and tasty and, as I said to Hubster, 'Why do we not come in here more often?  It's just down the road!"

Mr Finland, after eating his fill, lay back on the roomy bench style seats and contemplated the bill.  He needn't have worried.  At Vapiano, along with the quick,  friendly service and fabulous food, came reasonable prices.

Localizer Mall
Tahalia St
Phone: 00966 121903

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