Thursday, 28 February 2013

Salah Still Catches Me

You would think after three years I could organize my day around Salah times, but no.

Message to self - do not rely on other people to look up Salah times to see if they conflict with 'lets go do something' arrangements.

Hence I am sitting on Tahalia St spinning my wheels (not literally, unfortunately) because the call to prayer started up as I was heading out.

Only if you've lived here can you fully comprehend the huge deflating sigh that escapes your lips, the heavy slump that drags down your shoulders and the slow, 'oh no'  drop of your head that always accompanies that moment when you realise you buggered up your timing.  Salah has caught you out - again.

Sent from my iPhone wishing you a fabulous day :)

Ka Kite,

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