Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Inside the Saudi Kingdom Documetary

Inside the Saudi Kingdom is a BBC documentary that Hubster was watching on YouTube the other day.  He  suggested I take a look at it.

Initially I wasn't that keen.  I figured a doco on Saudi would be full of the usual stuff - westerners who don't actually live here complaining about everything to do with Saudi Arabia.  (Although I do, occasionally, gripe about certain aspects of life in KSA I figure any woman who lives here has certain stuff to complain about).

Instead we had a Saudi, and a prince at that, Prince Saud bin Adbul Mohsen, talking more frankly than I've heard a Saudi speak in public before about some of the issues facing Saudi Arabia, particularly regarding the difficulty of balancing tradition, religion and the rapid pace of change.

There was some feedback that said, in short, the prince was putting on an act for the camera's.
Maybe he was.  However, knowing what I do of the country and the efforts being made to transition from conservative cultural thinking to a more modern system that works for Saudi Arabia, many of the comments the prince made about issues facing the country were fairly accurate.

It's an hour long documentary but, for those of you who have no idea about Saudi and want a glimpse into what the place is like, Inside the Kingdom is worth watching.

Ka Kite, 

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