Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Shitty in Saudi

Today my blog should be called Shitty in Saudi.

My usual upbeat mood has taken a dive.
Today I'm sick of being considered the weak gender in need of protection and too useless for words.

Today I just wanted to jump on a bike, any bike, and ride.
The boys can.
Hubster and Mr Finland went riding off on their big arse Harley's and Motoguzzi's this morning - something they can do anytime they want.  Why the hell can't I?

Today, when men rode casually past me on their bicycles and scooters I had to fight a huge urge to push them off so I could grab their bikes and ride up the road, round the corner and off to any place I darn well please.   Today I pouted and swore and huffed and cursed and was shouting anything but 'Serenity Now' because today, for some reason, it annoyed the heck out of me that 50% of the population here (that's the half that call themselves 'men') can do whatever they want, if they choose, no questions asked.
And I can't.

The Husbands less than sympathetic attitude was not helping.
He was only making me mad.
Every day I listen to his ranting and raving about his 'Saudi issues' at work.
Every day!
Every day I'm sympathetic and supportive.  Every now and then I offer suggestions that I know are pointless, but hey!  I'm listening.  I'm there with him.

Once in a blue moon I go off and what do I get?

Mr Finland thought today I looked like I wanted to hit someone.
I did end up whacking a few tennis balls into a concrete wall.
It didn't help.

Today any male telling me to calm down, cover my hair, go shopping 'cos that's what women are good at' or go visit another coffee shop and eat another piece of cake can take a flaming hike cos today I'm seriously shitty living the Saudi Male interpretation of a woman's fabulous life!

Usually Sent wishing you a fabulous day - but today I'm just a little bit off!

Ka Kite,

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