Monday, 21 January 2013

Saudi Family Farm v Kiwi Farm

Last month we were invited to visit a Saudi family farm just outside Riyadh.

Saudi's do love getting out of the city.  They are tribal desert dwellers at heart and most of the Saudi's we know have family owned date farms back in the desert hinterland.  We love getting these invitations because it is nice to join Saudi family's as they relax in surroundings that they thrive in and I can understand their sense of affinity with the land.  It's similar to how we Maori feel when we return to our home lands in New Zealand.

Here'a a photo collage of the similarities and differences between a Saudi family farm and our family farm back in Kiwiland.

View over the back fence.
The major difference, and one we have taken a long time to adjust to, is the brown barrenness as compared to the lush green pastures and forest.  Note the football field at the Saudi farm.  We tend to just throw rugby balls around in the grass.
The livestock
Well, what can one say.  Camels, ships of the desert versus cattle, potential steak meal - and Wagyu steak at that!

Water Storage
Water is piped in or pumped up and is such a precious resource in Saudi Arabia.  It is still a precious natural resource in Kiwiland, but we tend to have more of it lying around.

Pigeon roost versus chook house.
In any back yard farm, in any country, the birds always seem to get the house that looks like it's been whacked up in a hurry out of bits of stuff that were lying around.

The accommodation
Simple country quarters.  The building in the Saudi shot is the men's house.  The ladies one is similar but down the other end of the property.  The Pink House is an old corrugated iron beauty.

The kids playground
These two boys are about the same age.  They both like to run around in the great outdoors and are always on the look out for food!
Future drivers
Both of them also like to get driving lessons from the whanau when they are out visiting the family farm. Really, when you get right down to it, although there are differences between the landscapes, the people, for what is a place without people, whether from Saudi or NZ are, in essence, much the same.

  Ka Kite,

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