Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Year Snow in Saudi

It's snowing in Saudi.
Up in the northern regions.

The locals have come out in force to enjoy the unusual weather.  This picture from the Arab News is exactly what I'd expect to find on a snow covered road in Saudi - cars strewn about the place on purpose.

And as this news clip on English al-Arabiya website shows, Saudi's are taking the opportunity to do what they do best - picnic and be Flamin' Galah's in their cars.  Good on them, I say.

('Flamin' galah' is an Ozzy term for someone who is a bit of a fool, but in a loveable way.  For more information on Galah's visit The Australian Galah).

The cool temperatures have even reached down here to Riyadh.  It's so chilly in our apartment I'm trying to find my slippers!  Socks aren't doing the trick warming my feet.  Apart from the fact most of the soles are threadbare with holes at the ends threw which my big toes peek, our floors are cold, hard slate tiles so the chill is going through my socks.  Not that I'm complaining.  Oh no.  I'm grateful I'm indoors.

This cold snap isn't limited to Saudi.  Most of the Middle East is in for a freezing, which isn't good news for residents who remain in wore torn Syria, nor their fellow countrymen living in refugee quarters across the border.  Spare a thought for them suffering in this New Year snow.

Ka Kite,

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