Thursday, 3 January 2013

Maya for Chocolate.

If you're a chocoholic then I suggest you visit Maya Chocolaterie, at the eastern end of Tahaliah Street.

Although I'm not a chocolate lover Maya is one place I would go for chocolate treats.  I find most chocolate products these days are sickeningly sweet because they're loaded with sugar to try and disguise the cheap palm oil they're made with.

Hubster, who loves chocolate, encouraged me to try a morsel of his dessert the night we decided to stop in and I was impressed.   Maya chocolate tastes chocolaty - obviously there is a bit more cacao in the mix than can be found elsewhere, resulting in chocolate that tastes the way I imagine chocolate should.

Everything on the Maya menu has chocolate either in it or on it.  No carrot cake to be found.   There's hot chocolate drinks, cold chocolate shakes, chocolate pastries and a Maya signature chocolate fondue.  The least chocolate item on the menu was the babka, but even it didn't escape chocolatation.

The first night we went to Maya the eating area was packed with young women. Maya, a friend informed me after I told her we went there to satisfy Hubster's chocolate fancy, is a family only eatery - no Singles Section available.

As one of the few males, and the only westerner in the diner this evening, Hubster was not hard to miss in the crowd! There are no booths (at least none that we saw) but screens can be provided.  The lack of space between tables meant those behind the screen didn't get much elbow room to relax and enjoy.  Suffice to say, there was only one screen in operation the night we went and the staff were kept on their toes though, by then end of the evening, found time to stop for a collective photo.

The decor at Maya is chocolate related, hardly surprising, with two large vats of chocolate - one milky white the other a rich dark brown, greeting you at the entrance.  The restaurant has large panels of black glass surrounding it and little else dressing the windows which means the lighting is kept dim.  Perhaps this is meant to create an ambiance of chocolate romance, but for those with failing eyesight it makes it difficult to see the menu.

Romance and loving eyes aside, if you're a chocolate lover and plan on heading to Maya for chocolate desserts you will not be disappointed.

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