Friday, 10 August 2012

Flu and Olympics

The flu and Olympics are a perfect combination.

It's great watching the Olympics.
Lots of sport on every single day.  And when live coverage has finished, PRIME shows Olympic highlights.

And I love the slow motion replays.

My favourite sports are swimming and gymnastics though the New Zealand Hockey has been exciting to watch and I'm also enjoying the rowing, diving and Show Jumping.  Well done to the Saudi men and the bronze in their event.

The Saudi women competitors got a mention on the NZ coverage.  I have no idea what the response is back in Saudi but well done ladies!  I'm expecting hot on the heels of their achievements there will be announcements allowing sport in schools for girls - or is that hoping too much?

Anyway, I get to watch all of the action curled up on the couch in between bouts of coughing with my grand-daughter monstering me no matter how often I tell her she'll catch my germs if she doesn't keep her distance.   Being two years old she probably doesn't care.

She has, however, learnt to say 'Jump' each time a horse tackles a horsey hurdle.  And she's disgusted with the horsey fart sounds, probably a result of being in Freuds anal stage.  At this point of her development any questionable sound is wind passing.

She has also learnt to shout "Go Black Sticks, Go!!"  "Go Kiwi Go!"  and simply "Goooooo!!"with as much enthusiasm and volume as her Nana.  It's fabulous how quickly she picks up new words.

Yes I'm enjoying the Olympics regardless of my flu.  Possibly because of it, else I would have to be out and about doing meaningful things - like work.

It occurred to me that living in Saudi my participation in sport, even as a spectator, has taken a bit of a dive.  It has taken this event, and a stint watching my grandson playing his Saturday morning rugby for 5 year olds, to make me realize how much I miss a bit of sport.  There is always Football on the big screen in our coffee shop.  But seriously - football?  That doesn't count!

One of my favourite sports.

Perhaps I'd better get more involved in rugby in Saudi once I get back.  I've been on their e-mail list for a while but haven't quite got to a game.  If anyone else is keen on rugby in Riyadh here's a link to the website Riyadh Rugby.  But first I'd better get over the flu - hopefully just in time for the end of the Olympics.

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