Saturday, 7 July 2012

Riyadhs Run Out Of My Meds

Riyadh has run out of my meds. 

This is not a situation I'm happy about. I need my meds.  Without them my heart rate hits the roof just because I stand up.  The condition also makes me a little tetchy.

I'm sure Riyadh running out of thyroid meds is not a situation a lot of people are happy about.  We wondered, Hubster and I, what all the other Riyadh residents suffering from hyperthryroidism are doing about their condition.  The pharmacists we spoke to at the hospitals (because I've been to more than one) just shrugged their shoulders when we asked what am I supposed to do now.  

Apparently only one Agent is responsible for importing this particular pharmaceutical to the country and it seems said Agent just hasn't gotten round to doing his job yet. He, Mr Agent, hasn't got around to it for the last 4 months according to some pharmacies. Me thinks someone should sack the fucker have a word with him.

Why does only one Agent hold such responsibility?  Because in Saudi that's how things work.
One family line has dibs on all the top roles and top income earning products and businesses.
And in each family only 1 man is the decision maker.  Everyone else is a wanna be.

The 'One Man for the Job' attitude filters down to the lower levels of Saudi society too.  In my friends job, for example, only one man holds the key to employees passports and if he decides to take a day off when you want to get your passport because you're going on vacation, tough tiddles.

It shouldn't be a surprise that one agent is holding up medications in Riyadh.  No surprise at all.  It's just hard to believe that Riyadh, the country's capital city, the shining example of Saudi  progress has runs out of my meds and there's nothing I can do about it.

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  1. I wish I could throw my hands up in the air and say "What!, How!" with a look a shocked surprise on my face, but I can't. The Kingdom is a third world country when it comes to medicine. I didn't want to believe that when I came here, but it is. One of my students is preparing to leave the country with his father because there are no qualified doctors in the Kingdom. Its not an optional trip, its a mandatory one. I can't believe with all of the money and all of the years they've been working on it that the best they can come up with is a giant band-aid station that serves no other purpose than to give people jobs. Its a disgusting shame and a tribute to the corruption that can run rampant here.


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