Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Drifting in Saudi

Drifting has become known as a Saudi youth pass time.  There are loads of videos' on You Tube, one of the most recent is horrific with bodies and their bits and pieces flying everywhere.

The Saudi boys might think drifting is fun.  Drifting in Saudi is dangerous.

In case you aren't up to the play with Saudi youth recreational activity and don't spend your spare time surfing You Tube, Drifting (or joy riding) involves trying to make your car skid or spin across the road while you're driving it at very high speed, like in this video (don't worry - no body parts are flying around here):


We have ridden our bikes past a highway lined with eager drifting spectators on more than one occasion.  I've wanted to stay on the bridge and watch but Hubster, at times being the more sensible person in this relationship, was happy to get the hell out of there.

The boys in Saudi take to drifting largely because there isn't much else for a young bloke to do in this country.

What about football? I hear you say. Yep, they love football but I don't think participation in Weekend Sport is as ingrained in Saudi culture as rugby or netball is back home. 
Weekend Sport
The Saudi male, according to my gym chiseled friend, just isn't that physical. So Saudi boys find other things to amuse themselves.

The Powers That Be want to discourage Drifting using a combination of fines, vehicle impounding and jail terms for repeat offenders.  Unless you run someone over while drifting, as recently happened (again).  The driver in this case has been sentenced to beheading though when, or if, this eventually happens is unknown.

You have to admit for the guys that are good at Drifting there is a bit of skill involved.   Neither Hubster or I are averse to watching a good Drift  - except when we're on the bike.  'Woohoo.  Crazy mother'  is not an uncommon phrase when we do see the boys in action.  The problem with Drifting in Saudi is that it is not controlled.   What's worse is that the blokes are often Drifting amongst traffic that didn't choose to part of their activity - they were just driving down the highway as in this vid (again nothing gruesome).

The potential for innocent people to get hurt in these situations is extremely high.  (I don't consider spectators lining a highway in anticipation of some action as innocent people. If you choose to be where danger takes place and you might get hurt - that's your choice).

This latest article to Recognise Drifting As A Sport as it is in other parts of the world is not a new idea.  If the Powers That Be eventually do follow this suggestion they will have to make sure the sport is highly accessible (as in cheap as petrol, which in this country is cheaper than chips) or the young men may not be keen to participate. 

People wonder why Saudi boys put their lives and the lives of others at risk through drifting.  Maybe the trouble is testoserone.  The last paragraph of that article suits Saudi and Drifting to a T:
"Many societies have found ways to channel the self-centered and aggressive impulses of high testosterone young men into socially useful niches like the military or sports. Those that don't face a plethora of selfish and destructive behaviors."

Ka Kite,

Photo Credit:MiddleEast Posts.com

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