Saturday, 2 June 2012

Le Baron

Le Baron on Sulamaniyah street (turn left at the T-intersection) serves very nice Middle Eastern food.

The family section is upstairs, take the lift if you don't fancy exercising on the stairs.  The dining area is fairly roomy but the large wooden dividers around the tables (there is no open space) does give a sense of heaviness to the room.  Some of the tables also have a TV attached to the wall - not really my idea of dining in peace though if you can snag a table next to the window it feels much more light and airy.

Le Baron has a lunch time special which is quite substantial - I had difficulty getting through it.

The service at non busy times was very good.  At busy times you sometimes have to go flag someone down.   Despite this the food is nicely cooked and tasty and I have dined at Le Baron Restaurant more than once.

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