Saturday, 2 June 2012


Centro on Tahalia is much nicer to eat in than it looks from the outside,

Its decor is red and black and there is a large television down one end that tends to play the latest football matches, so I can only presume it is a sports diner with class.

There's a mix of dining tables and more relaxing coffee tables all with very comfortable seating.  The boothes in the family section are divided from the open tables by black string curtains though it is also possible to close the very thick red brocade curtains for even more intimacy under the minimal lighting. 

The tables are always nicely set with a small but lovely floral arrangements. The menu is mix of Italian and general western. The other night our group had Calamari starters and a rack of lamb, chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese and a pizza for our mains. All very nicely cooked. The coffee also meets my exacting standards.

We have always found Centro, on Tahalia, to be a pleasant dining experience.  Mayhap you will too.

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