Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stuff you're unlikely to see in Saudi

I love surfing the net and finding 'flash mob' activity.
Here's some things I've come across lately that make me think: Would this happen in Saudi?

Given that music played publicly has questionable status for a certain sector of the KSA community, this may be asking too much.  And I'm not sure how many of the natives are classical instrument players anyway. Curiously though, there is a center for music that has just opened it's doors in Riyadh where youngsters can learn music (it's called Tune Music Center, phone 01 225 6729) and most major malls have music shops where you can buy musical instruments.  Just don't plan to use them in Saudi for busking.

This isn't exactly a flash mob but it's cute all the same. Even though marriages are arranged here something like this could happen on one of Riyadh's streets, don't you think?  On second thoughts, maybe not.  Women are not to be seen dancing in mixed company or in public.  Such activity is reserved for women only events or a saucy night in the boudoir with the spouse of your dreams.

And from home.

I wonder if the Riyadh's airport revamp includes dancing cleaners?  It might be a way for them to earn a little extra cash in the arrivals hall. 

Last, but by no means least...a Haka.

I wonder if the NZ Embassy could get together a kiwi haka mob in the middle of Riyadh? I bet they'd be keen as mustard to organise that :)

A bit of harmless flash mob activity would certainly add a bit of excitement to the Riyadh landscape and doubtless there are Saudi youth with enough nouse to put a flash mob together I'm just not sure what talent they would be flashing.

Ka Kite,

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