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I've decided to take back any negative indication I may have given about Steaky's.  The place is ok for steak.   The last couple of times we went the steak was beautifully cooked, though not huge - but size isn't everything, right? 

Hubby has tried the ribs twice - beef of course.  Once with the bone, once without.  It's taken him two attempts to decided that ribs that don't originally go 'oink' just do not make the grade.  This has more to do with his palate than with how the Steaky's crew cooks ribs which he admits are nice, they just aren't pork.

The branch of Steaky's we go to is just across the road from Jazeera Market, on Mussah ibn Nasser.  The family section is small and on they way you can look over to the chefs in the kitchen.

You also pass a board with information on how to cook steak which is an eye opening read if comments on your own steak cooking attempts have been less than complementary.  

All seating for families in our branch of Steaky's is booth - no open area.  There has, at times, also been background music playing.  Country and Western, Kenny Rogers. 

The meal has an option for a salad bar to select your own vegetables or the meals have vege's on the side.  We usually do both. 

Although there is dessert, we've never had it.  No particular reason why not other than the fact we've over-eaten our soup, salad and mains. 

If you're after a nice steak meal in a smaller more intimate setting, then yes, come to Steaky's.

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