Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Riding Motobikes in Riyadh

We own motorbikes in Riyadh.  At least, Hubster does.  A Motoguzzi 1200 Sport and a Motoguzzi Vintage Californian.

The 1200 is so Hubster can go blatting along the roads at rapid speeds with his buddies.  The Vintage is for us to cruise along at a more sedate pace.  He bought both these bikes here, in Riyadh.  He also did the right thing and applied for, and got, a Saudi motobike license.

If I could own a motorbike in Riyadh I would.  We haven't yet ascertained if I'm allowed to. Apparently, although we cannot drive them, we mere females are permitted to register two vehicles in our name.   Can one or both of those be motorbikes? Hmmm. Not sure about that.

I have a preference for a Harley Davidson 2011 Sportster 883L SuperLow.  It's a bike Harley designed especially for those new to biking and, according to their stats, the fastest growing demographic for new bikers is women.   The SuperLow is lighter than other Harleys and, most importantly, its height means women can put their feet on ground and more easily balance the bike when it is stationary.  This is an extremely important point.  Hubster has never let me forget that, nearly 30 years ago when first learning to ride, I dropped one of his bikes.  Me thinks its time he got over that!

The Harley Davidson shop is our favourite place to spend an hour or so looking at the merchandise.  Our grandkids frequently receive Harley outfits.  It pays to influence your moko's from an early age.

Upstairs are new and secondhand bikes for sale.  Hubster and Mr Finland keep their eyes peeled for secondhand bikes.  Saudi's have a tendency to buy bikes then bring them back only a few weeks (or sometimes days) later because they want something else.  Secondhand bikes go real cheap because Saudi's don't like to buy secondhand goods and the Harley shop doesn't have room to keep the returned bikes.

Downstairs is the clubroom, where you can grab a tea or coffee and peruse more bikes some of which are owned and loved.

We like to go bike riding with a group of friends on weekend mornings - the streets are usually relatively empty.  As everybody in KSA knows, the driving here is manic in vehicles of the four wheeled variety.  Being on a motorbike requires being very aware. 

The mornings are also a lot cooler for bike riding.  During the summer we leave a lot earlier so we're back before we melt in our gear.  The winters we get to sleep in for about an hour.

The camera goes on our rides too.  Here's a short video of one of our rides.

I was asked if it's dangerous riding motorbikes in Riyadh.  The short answer is Yes.  The long answer contains words and phrases like experience, care and awareness, but if you're a biker at heart Riyadh isn't going to phase you.

Ka Kite,


  1. Awesome wee video and loved your blog too. Keep it up. Best blog around. luv from wifster of red BMW

  2. why thank you red BMW wifster :)


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