Monday, 30 April 2012

Inams Day Out in Riyadh

Mr Inam, our favourite taxi driver Number 2, took us out and about in Riyadh one day, Pakistani style.  We called this tiki tour our an 'Inam Day Out'.  He set the itinerary, we enjoyed the ride.

First stop, which I have written about previously, was cricket with taxi drivers on their day off.  Then it was off to the back blocks of Riyadh to enjoy the views on our way to a picnic sitting on a hill overlooking the desert.

Though the desert has taken some time for us green pasture types  to get used to, there is no doubt it has its own beauty. Capturing that beauty on a pocket camera is proving a little challenging.    Regardless, I continue to try.  I'm always in two minds whether human presence adds to or detracts from the deserts harmony.

Here's some pics of our day.

Real Estate Office

Can you imagine buying in this barreness? 

Country Fence

Love this fence.  Reminds me of Taranaki Gates or marae fences back home.

View from the hill.

There's a certain peace that comes with being up high and looking at nothingness while drinking green tea.

Walkin the empty road

Long and winding desert road with occasional speeding car full of young men who yahoo and wave on the way by.


Inam's recommendation for dinner - absolutely delish.  It's a little place off Al Maa'dha street.  No idea of the name though I took pictures of the menu and the words out front hoping the Arabic script identifies a name.  It doesn't.

When news of Mr Noors return was confirmed Mr Inam did apologize for that fact that he may have talked too much while he was my driver.   I had to smile and thought perhaps I should return the apology for talking equally as much and occasionally, with MP3 earphones plugged into my ears filling my head with the symphonic strains of my favourite musical pieces, bursting into less than melodious song in the back of his taxi.  I thought I sounded fantastic while he probably wished he had earplugs.

We enjoyed our day out with Inam in Riyadh and when Mr Noor returns to Pakistan, which he will do more often now he is a married man, I hope Mr Inam will be around as my driver again.

Ka Kite,

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