Saturday, 10 March 2012

What Taxi Drivers Do On Their Day Off In Riyadh?

Ever wondered what the taxi drivers in Riyadh do on their day off?  When they get a day off that is.  Mr Noor used to take Friday's off till he got married.  Now he has a woman at home to support so it's work, work, work.

What did Mr Noor used to do on his days' off.  He'd participate in the most popular sport in Pakistan - cricket.

One day, Mr Inam, who was our taxi driver of choice while Mr Noor was off gettin' married, took us to join the cousy-bro's on their day off.   Here's a sampling of our afternoon.

This is Big Noor with the bat.  We sometimes use him for a taxi, though he spends more time driving one of our friends.  The horn honking is us, showing our support. 

After each innings there's the post-mortem by the team of experts...

Team of Experts
The bald expert was asked if he'd like to bat.  He declined stating he didn't want to interfere in others enjoyment.  Truth be told, he played cricket once.  Contributed one run.  He's better at the theory of the game. 

Once it was determined this was the team of experts the team members, aka 'we're all related one way or another to your taxi driver', came over to say gidday.

An Uncle


More couins.



Mr Whippy made an appearance for the drinks break. The truck looks a little dusty, but the ice-creams are OK.

Self-portrait - I got an ice-cream too.

A lot of people in Saudi Arabia wouldn't give two hoots how taxi drivers entertain themselves on their day off.  Mr Inam had been threatening to invite us for quite some time.  Me thinks he needed to prep the blokes of our participation - even if it was from a distance.   It was a privilege to be invited along and to meet the whanau and we have been invited back but, given that life here is fairly tough on the taxi fraternity, it doesn't feel right to intrude on the little bit of entertainment they enjoy more than is polite. 

Though I didn't get my hands on a cricket bat because I'm a girl (whatever!) and Hubster was concerned we all could have got in trouble for "fraternising" had I showed the blokes I'm much better at this sport than the balding theorician (yeah right), it was quite an entertaining afternoon chin-waggain with taxi drivers on their day off in Riyadh.

Ka Kite,

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