Friday, 2 March 2012

The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring

One can forget, whilst ensconsed in the comfort of a compound in the relative safety of KSA (because despite its issues Saudi is, at the moment, probably the safest country in the Middle East) that a few short hours away all hell is breaking loose and they've dubbed the uprisings 'The Arab Spring'.

Some graphic imagery from Syria was posted on a friends Facebook Wall.  I watched it. Then debated with myself whether or not to click the share button.

I didn't.  Perhaps I should have. 

Those visions were disturbing.   But then wars, battles and revolutions are not pretty.  I was told not to believe everything coming out of Syria in the media, that there are forces at work to make the uprising there look worse than it is -  but the image on You Tube of a boy with half a face is one that is hard to forget.

There is all sorts of politics and agendas around the The Arab Spring that you can read about on Google.  I just want to know why it is, that for beings of supposedly high intelligence, we humans can be such unkind animals toward each other?

Ka Kite,

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