Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dust or Sandstorm in Saudi?

Photo credit: Kay
Dust is part and parcel of Saudi life an unwelcome aspect of the weather you learn to live with.  Little sand storms, or dust storms (which is the term I prefer because the air tastes like dust), are fairly common in Saudi covering everything in a thin layer of fine sand particles.  Every now and then though, a real doozy of a dust storm passes through changing the surroundings to an eerie color and sending everyone indoors.

Dust storms seem to arrive out of the blue.  One minute blue sky, next minute orange.  If you're out shopping when a dust storm hits you hope you shut all your windows before leaving the house.   If you're home when a storm arrives, put a draft stopper against your external doors and turn off the air con.

Here's a video of a sand storm that blew in two days ago.

If the sand storm is a doozy you can see it coming, as in this picture of the sand storm that rolled into the city in 2009:

Photo credit: Newsbeat BBC
Here's a picture inside the Riyadh airport in the 2010 storm when someone forgot to shut the windows and left the air con going:

Photo credit: wafagirl.com

Here's what the airport is supposed to look like:

 Here is a video of driving into the dust storm that came a couple of days ago.

Video credit: Jez

It rained after the dust storm the other day, though not enough to wash the dust away.   just enough to make the flowers look bedraggled.

The next day the weather was beautiful, and the maintenance guys went round washing the dust off everything, including the trees and the maids got busy sweeping, mopping and dusting homes from top to bottom.

Ka Kite,

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