Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cafe Bateel

My latest favourite cafe in the city is Cafe Bateel.

For quite some time I have been rueing the fact that, on weekend mornings when Hubster and I would go on the prowl for brunch, it was impossible to find eggs benedict, mushrooms on toast or, my favourite, toasted banana bread.  

Then one day Cafe Bateel opened their doors and on the menu the weekend breakfast we've have been missing.  Well, the eggs benedict anyway.

It's not that I don't appreciate an oriental breakfast of foul, labneh and cheeses.  It's just that our weekend cafe habit kicked in some 15 odd years ago, so changing our eating habits and tastes is going to take longer than the two short years I've been in the Saudi Arabia. 

Cafe Bateel has chocolates and dates and lovely nibbly things in pretty packaging that you can purchase downstairs, though I'm guessing come Feb 14 if the Bearded Ones go on their annual prowl for anything that might resemble Love, Affection or Tenderness those same boxes will be out in the back room, under a dusty tarp.

There is a downstairs eating area that caters to the accepted booth set-up but it hasn't as much natural light, so I head for the upstairs which is open plan and decorated in olive and wood colours. 

Apart from eggs benedict, which is very nice, my other fav dish is the antipasto.  I know only three places in close proximity to my home that do a decent antipasto or roast vegetable salad and Cafe Bateel is one of them.

The desserts are on display by the kitchen.  My goal is to work my way through each one, eventually.


And the staff are very friendly, perfectly happy to pose for photo's.

I'll have to go back again to retake this photo of the morning crew.  Not that I need that as an excuse to go back to Cafe Bateel.  The quality food, nice surrounds and pleasant people are reason enough.


  1. I also love Bateel. Here in the UAE I often buy their stuffed dates.

  2. you obviously have good taste. Bateel is the best cafe I have been in and there are lots of cafes in Dubai. Enjoy and stay away from the bearded

  3. agree. A great addition to the Riyadh scene. Have had a couple of girlie coffee chats there recently with friends. love the good and atmosphere.


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