Friday, 6 January 2012

Saudi Arabia's Jewelry Extravaganza

Saudi Arabia is full of rich Kings, Princes and Princesses who swan about in long flowing caftans atop camels with oil at their feet and extravagant jewelry dripping from, well, everywhere.  At least that's the word in the west.  Expats who live here are lapping at the feet of luxury.  Ok, so some of that is true.

One day, mother and I were invited to experience what can only be described as a Jewelry Extravaganza in Riyadh.  A fellow Kiwi, and long term Saudi resident, took us along to her favorite jeweler shop to meet her favorite designer.

If we had known we would be able to remove our abaya's while admiring expensive jewels we would have dressed a bit more glamorously but our lack of fashion did not detract from our day.  The young man presenting the jewellery is a talented designer and the kiwi ladies who took us out for our day of precious stone adornment have engaged him to produce some stunning pieces with stones bought at gem parties.

We had a fabulous time draping ourselves with numerous, beautiful pieces. Here's a taste of our day.

For someone who doesn't like shopping I admit not minding this jewelry extravaganza in Riyadh one little bit.

Ka Kite,

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