Monday, 10 October 2011

Abaya Fashion Parade

I went to an abaya fashion parade.

If I'd known there was going to be an abaya fashion parade I would have sneaked in a camera to the embassy.  Other more switched on (or is that more sneaky) women snuck in with theirs.

The guest was a local abaya designer Eman al Mandeel whose business is named Desert Scorpion and can be found along King Abdullah Road.

She gave a brief history of the abaya which goes something like this - the form of dress suited to shifting sands and heat is a long cloak for the body (allows air circulation) and a cloth that wraps around the head and eyes as protection from the suns rays  and sand blowing in the wind.  This clothing was worn long before Islam came along.

Religion took the local form and made a few minor changes to the design (black) and to the rational of wearing the garment - more specifically for modesty and as a man-hunk repellant, not sun protection.

When asked why the current colour in Saudi is black Eman gave a cheeky smile and said, 'Because it's the most unattractive colour of course'.  Added to that, black hides details - but we women with little black numbers sitting prettily atop body slimming lingerie know that already, don't we?

Why are body slimming models always skinny?

The fashion parade treated us to an array of abaya's, all variations of, or partnered with, the color black, in styles for the tall, short and pregnant and enhanced with different lacey or sequined trimmings and flowing materials.  For abaya's they were quite lovely and one couldn't help but notice they provided a much nicer fit than the standard variety in shops.

Eman believes that every woman's abaya should be a reflection of herself.  She inspired me to go out and purchase some material to have such an abaya made.  I quickly learnt that if the material you decide on isn't black but a bright pink, mahogany or rich green, don't tell the guy behind the counter it's for an abaya - not unless you want to see him go into spasm. 

no, NO, not for abaya, NO!

The material is currently sitting on my dresser waiting till I find someone to make my personal abaya.    My abaya spending limit is usually under 200 SAR.  An abaya designed specifically for moi is going to cost a little more than that.  I have someone in mind who can do the job for an extremely discounted (probably free) price, but Mum lives in New Zealand.

I'm glad I witnessed the abaya fashion parade, but paying designer prices for an abaya...hmmm...not there yet.

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