Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Enjoy Friday Weekend Brunch At Faisaliah

Faisaliah Brunch - Tapa's Bar
Every one should go to the Faisaliah Hotel Friday Brunch.  It is O for Orsome!  Four of the best dining restaurants from this Rosewood Hotel come together each week from noon to four and present food that is just Deee-lish!

Here's a few photo's of our visit....
The Tapa's Bar was my favourite...I went back a few times. 

The glass of red is GRAPE JUICE. Bottomless glass, quite tasty beverage.  Poured with a smile....

There are not a lot of places that do sushi in Riyadh.  Hubby thinks the crew at Faisaliah are the best.

OK, so I admit I came back to the sushi station a couple of time as well.

Peking Duck
 I tried to get this guy to smile...maybe next time.  He was busy and the result...very tasty.

Seafood Station
 Seafood is my kind of dish, so this station got repeat visits as well.

Asian Noodles
Glenn says the Asian Noodles were absolutely fantastic.  I'll have to believe him because by the time I rocked up to this station, I was chocker full...and wanted to squeeze in dessert.

A taste of India
On t he way to dessert the range of food continues.

Booking is not essential thought recommended.   But I encourage you, do not go to Faisaliah Friday Brunch if you are not hungry!

Ka Kite,

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