Sunday, 10 April 2011

Noor Got Married

Noor got married recently.
He’s known his lady love since she was nine years old. They are from the same village and before you ask, yes, there is a familial relationship of some description, but I do get a bit lost in exactly which uncle’s daughter she is.

I used to tease Noor about his upcoming nuptials.

Mr Noor, once you are married you’ll have to work extra hours because you have to send even more money back.

Mr Noor, what if this girl was beautiful when she was younger, but has got fat.

Maybe your uncle might switch this girl for another daughter – one not so pretty, Mr Noor.

Glenn used to tell Noor, ‘The woman’s body is a beauuuutiful thing.  You’ll find out when you’re married’.

After driving for Glenn for three years, and me for 12 months, Noor has got used to our antics.  He took all teasing in good humour.  I also used to ask him lots of questions.

Do you have to take your new wife a gift?

What is the ceremony like? Do you have to wear anything special?

How will you know what to do with this woman once you are married to her? (referring to the wedding night, of course).

Noor used to answer all the questions.  Our conversation regarding the last question was funny. It went something like this….

An elder from the village will take me out to the bush and explains what will happen and what I should do. I am going to tell this man, that I don’t need him to tell me what to do because I have the internet.

You have the internet Noor?

Yes. I have Mr Glenn. He is my internet and he tells me what I need to know.

Mr Noor, I think you should ask me first if your internet knows what it’s talking about!

Noor and his internet buying watermelon.
Mr Noor invited us to his wedding. 

Unfortunately his village is 150km from the Afghanistan border. I might have been able to get away with looking like a Pakistani woman, but The Hubster's western, white, bald headed-ness would have stood out like dogs bollocks.

People from this part of the hemisphere tend to think he's American, something that Hubster isn't particularly happy about.  He'd spend more time at the pool catching rays so he looks more native Kiwi-like, but his skin doesn't respond with a dark tan  - he turns into something resembling a golden roasty chicken.  So, after some consideration, we declined the invite. Pity. It would’ve been awesome, I’m sure.

There were a group of men from Noor’s village who had planned to go home at the same time to get married (I understand their weddings were to be on different days).  Unfortunately Noors’ departure was delayed by a few weeks due to passport issues.

Noor was a bit upset, which is understandable.  He’s waited 20 or so years for this wedding. He’s been working his heeny off to prove himself worthy and to have a house built for his new bride (we've seen the photos's).  He was so looking forward to going home and then…Bah Boing!….

Saudi sponsor said, ‘No, there’s too many of you leaving. I need taxi drivers for my cars. You, Noor, must stay’. So his sponsor didn’t hand over his passport - not the sort of passport issues you’d find in the west.

Eventually, weeks later, after asking, pleading and haranguing his sponsor Noor got his passport, bought his ticket and headed out. I saw him at the airport, because he was flying out the same night I flew home. He was so excited and happy. He wasn’t sure of the exact date of his wedding, but he thought it would be a few weeks after his arrival at his village.

I told him to text Glenn once he knew for sure, just in case the universe had an opening for two Kiwis to head to Pakistan for a wedding.

We did get a text from Noor one day. It said, ‘I’m agree with you sir. The woman’s body is a beautiful thing’.

We laughed. Obviously, Noor got married.

Ka Kite,

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