Friday, 18 February 2011

Desert Adventure Calls From New Zealand

I'm back in New Zealand right now.  The whanau have a couple of occasions coming up, so instead of following the expat crowd out over Christmas and New Year I hung around Riyadh until a couple of weeks ago when I headed home to Aotearoa.

I'm loving being back.

The green grass, the sandy beaches, wearing shorts everywhere.  Spending days with the whanau, being able to visit my Dad, catching up with friends.  Walking round the neighbourhood of a morning and wishing a friendly 'good morning' or 'kia ora' to other early riser exercisers.  Enjoying the gorgeous evenings outdoors with beer and a Bar-B or Fish 'n' Chips at the park.

Dad and whanau
And vege gardens - they are chocker heavy with summer abundance right now.  Tonight, I ate a cucumber proudly presented by a young guy from his first garden.  It was delish!  Yep - I'm loving being back in NZ right now.

Will I stay?  No.
I'd love to.  I really would, but....

The desert, to my surprise, is calling me back.  Not the heat, not the dress code, not Salah and not the gender segregation.  No, those I can defintiely do without.  But, there are things we still have to do before I can say, with great certainty and confidence, that I have experienced Saudi Arabia.

Desert Camping is one of those things. 
Eating camel is another.
Getting an invite to a Saudi wedding would be awesome.  I'd have to lose weight to buy an over the top dress and spend and entire day getting my hair and nails done.  OMG! I turning into a Saudi lady?

The fact is, The Husband set some goals when he first decided to live and work in Saudi and I would be a less than supportive wife if I caved before reaching those goals.  And I don't cave.  No way Jose'! 

OK, so the boredom factor does get a little scary now and then (Dad has Alzheimers and I do worry that I'm going brain dead in Riyadh) and the lazy factor has seriously widened my waist, but I am totally confident The Universe will provide me with a whizz bang fantastic purpose when I get back to Saudi.  Plus more than a few out and about excursions and lots of new buddies to spend my time with. 

(You can hear me can't you....'Come on Universe...Roll me a double 6 and make sure I've got money on it!')

New Zealand is our home and we can always go back there but Saudi is our adventure and we're not done yet.

Ka Kite,

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